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Lightedge is a Role Playing Game (RPG) set in a fantasy medieval world that aims to innovate this classic genre by introducing several new gameplay mechanics inspired by other videogames

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Lightedge combat system is designed to be strategic and highlight player strategic choices.
The hero is not way more powerful than the enemies, so fighting feels more like a fast-paced confrontation of similar sized groups rather than a frenetic battle versus hordes of enemies
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customization without limits

Full player control

Most RPGs feature a class system that forces the player to choose a class for their hero at the start of the game, in Lightedge we completely get rid of the class system, removing any limitation of player choices and enabling limitless choices of hero abilities and skills

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Gian luigi mammarella


ANDREA mammarella

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Why Choose Geco

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12 Years Experience Gaming

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unique features

What makes Lightedge special

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    Full Player Control

    In Lightedge we eliminated the class system, removing any limitation of choices.

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    Psychological Interactions

    Each character has its own psychology, that determines how they interact with the rest of the world.

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    Completely Original Races

    In Lightedge there are classical fantasy races as well as completely new races

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